Supervising Financial Conglomerates (CFS Level 2)

Certified Financial Supervisor (CFS) Level 2: Supervising Financial Conglomerates

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Online, Zoom
Aug 26th - Aug 30th, 2024
06:00AM - 11:00AM

(Timezone: EDT)

Eastern Daylight Time UTC - 4

Lay Geok Yeo

Program Director

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Program Description

This program is designed to enhance financial supervisors’ understanding of the practice of cross-sector and cross-border supervision for effective oversight of conglomerate groups. It is more complicated to supervise a conglomerate group whose total risk is not a simple addition of the risks of individual entities. The program goes beyond theoretical concepts and provides practical approaches in conglomerate group supervision, supervisory intervention, and crisis coordination.

Participants will learn through group activities and case studies how to assess and supervise conglomerate group risks such as contagion and concentration risks, as well as management complexity. Participants will also learn the considerations for supervisory colleges and the communication skills in home-host crisis coordination for a conglomerate group, and the best practices for supervising conglomerate groups that have expanded beyond national borders.

For any questions, please contact the program coordinator, Priscilla Mensah:

Program Agenda

Download document

The agenda for this program is available for viewing in the attachment.



Quizzes and an examination will be administered during the program for all participants.


Participants from ODA* Countries

Regular fee: US $1,225

Early bird fee: US $925

Register by July 5 and receive an early bird discount of US$300.


Participants from Non-ODA Countries

Program fee: US $1,500

No early bird discount is available.


*Please refer to the Official Development Assistance (ODA) recipients list here.



Participants are expected to join an icebreaker session on Thursday, August 22, 2024. This will be a good opportunity for participants to virtually meet and network with their international peers.


Pre-reading will be required. Materials will be sent out to registered participants at least two weeks before the program starts.


This program is open for registrations. The deadline for registration is Monday, August 12.

Who Should Attend

Mid-to senior-level supervisors and regulators with responsibilities in supervision of the banking, securities, insurance sectors and/or financial conglomerates who have span of control cross-sector and/or cross border.

This is a level 2 program for participants currently pursuing our Certified Financial Supervisor (CFS) designation. If you are interested in enrolling in the CFS designation, please fill out this application.

This program is also open to participants who are not pursuing the CFS designation.

Participants should have at least three years of working experience in supervision, analysis, or policy, and be proficient in English.

Topics Covered


  • Effectively lead supervision over financial conglomerates
  • Managing conglomerate group risks
  • Cross-sector supervisory implications
  • Practical perspective in cross-border supervision
  • National and cross-border cooperation
  • Dealing with firms under different supervisory approaches
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