Webinar: Digitalization in Finance
Wednesday, Jul 03, 2024

Webinar: Digitalization in Finance

This was the second webinar of the series on the revised Core Principles for effective banking supervision.

Advances in digitalization and financial technology continue to affect the landscape of the financial system, including the provision of banking services.

The Core Principles for effective banking supervision (BCP) have been amended to reflect the impact of new risks, including risks relating to the ongoing digitalization of finance.

The panel discussed regulatory and supervisory implications of innovative technologies and their applications, as well as new competitors and business models.


Socorro Heysen, Superintendent, Banks, Insurance and Pension Fund Administrators, Peru; Board Member, Toronto Centre

Francesca Hopwood Road, Head, BIS Innovation Hub, London Centre


Jennifer Elliott, Advisor, Monetary and Capital Markets Department, IMF; Board Member, Toronto Centre

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