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Executive Panel: Agricultural and Financial Systems’ Adaptation to Climate Change
Friday, Feb 16, 2024

Executive Panel: Agricultural and Financial Systems’ Adaptation to Climate Change

Experts from the development and financial supervision sectors discussed some of the challenges and solutions for farmers from emerging markets and developing economies in accessing finance to adapt to climate change.

Key takeaways from this insightful conversation include the need to:

  • Build a common vision and establish a dialogue between supervisors and the market
  • Increase access to finance for small holder farmers through safe digital solutions
  • Implement gender-inclusive policies to address specific barriers women face

Toronto Centre and MEDA co-hosted this event as part of Global Affairs Canada's 2024 International Development Week.


Tomás SoleySuperintendent, General Superintendence of Insurance of Costa Rica (SUGESE)

Nadia Guerch, Senior Regional Director for Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific, MEDA

Omoneka Oyier, Director, Business Value Creation, MEDA


Carl Hiralal, Insurance and Pensions Advisory Board, Toronto Centre

Read the transcript here. Read their biographies here.

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