Addressing Greenwashing in Financial Services
Thursday, Apr 20, 2023

Addressing Greenwashing in Financial Services

Financial markets play a key role in enabling the transition towards carbon neutrality. Mandatory global disclosure standards with industry-specific metrics are therefore vital to ensure that financial flows are aligned with green and transition objectives.

The panel discussed:

  • key challenges with respect to taxonomies, green external reviews, climate transition metrics and frameworks, and
  • the necessary global efforts for greater harmonisation and help to unleash the transformative power of financial markets to advance the climate agenda.


Martin Moloney, Secretary General, IOSCO

Michael Jantzi, ISSB Member, International Sustainability Standards Board

Carol Paradine, Canadian Public Accountability Board

Andres Vinelli, Chief Economist, CFA Institute


Bill Coen, Member, Board of Directors and Chair, Finance, Audit and Risk Committee, Toronto Centre

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