Securities Programs

Toronto Centre’s securities programs address the challenges facing regulators and supervisors of securities markets, aiming to help securities markets remain strong and stable. Programs examine the three objectives of securities regulation; the protection of investors; ensuring that markets are fair, efficient and transparent; and the reduction of systemic risk.

We look at topics including:

  • What constitutes full, timely, and accurate disclosure of financial results and other information that is material to investors’ decisions
  • How globalized and integrated financial markets pose significant challenges to the regulation of securities markets
  • How regulators can rely on self-regulatory organizations
  • Identifying standards for internal organization and operational conduct that aim to protect the interests of consumers and ensure proper management of risk

A full list of our program topics can be found here.

Like all Toronto Centre programs, our securities programs are highly interactive and practical, using case studies, group discussions, and breakout sessions to foster debate and effectively transfer knowledge between presenters and also amongst participants. Our courses are taught by expert program leaders who have often experienced the cases they present. They are recognized and respected internationally for their knowledge, experience, and leadership abilities.

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Upcoming Securities Programs

There are no upcoming programs at this time. Please check back often, or, contact us if you are interested in hosting a program.