Our Programs

Toronto Centre offers innovative, customized capacity-building programs for financial sector regulators and supervisors from around the world, particularly in low-income countries and emerging markets. Through our programs, regulators and supervisors strengthen their methodologies and develop the leadership skills necessary to build strong and effective regulatory and supervisory agencies.

Programs are delivered in Toronto and across all regions of the world in partnership with regional supervisory associations. We also deliver programs for individual countries’ supervisory authorities. All programs are tailored to find the right balance between financial sector topical training and leadership training and to address the unique challenges facing each of our participants.

Programs are delivered for either an international, regional, or country-specific audience and are typically one week in length, although a limited number of long-term country engagements are available.

All of our programs are:

  • Customized: We work with our partners to develop unique programs, tailored to fit their needs.
  • Practical: We focus on how to apply supervisory methodologies, not just how they should work in theory.
  • Interactive: We believe learning is best accomplished through participation. Instructional sessions are coupled with case studies, simulation exercises and group activities to give participants hands-on experience.
  • Action-Oriented: We give participants the tools they need to implement change. Through various methods, including action planning and project planning, we build the capacity of supervisors to strengthen their regulatory frameworks.
  • Delivered by Experts: Programs are delivered by a multinational team of experienced leaders in regulatory and supervisory matters who typically have experienced the cases they present.

After our programs, we provide continued support to participants who stay in touch with our dedicated team of program leaders and directors. Individuals and agencies can count on our support to help implement changes.

As a non-profit, we ensure our programs are affordable to regulators and supervisors from low-income countries and emerging markets. Many programs are free for participants; however, to demonstrate a commitment to the program, we ask all of our partners and host organizations to engage in a manageable cost-sharing arrangement. Fees earned from these arrangements, in turn, allow us to deliver more programs and have a greater impact.