Training Methodology

At the heart of Toronto Centre programming is our commitment to ensuring that all courses are practical, highly interactive, and action-oriented, and our training methodology reflects this. We also provide post-program support to help participants implement the changes they want to see.

Practical and Interactive

Our programs are highly interactive, typically taking a case study approach that we have found to be an effective method of fostering discussions and transferring knowledge. Cases are developed and delivered by former and sitting regulators and supervisors who have experienced these situations first hand and can therefore share what they have learned, focusing on what worked and what did not. We have also developed simulation exercises for our crisis preparedness courses to give supervisors hands-on practice. We always focus on what works in practice – not just the theory – so that participants can apply what they’ve learned when they return to their home agencies.

“Toronto Centre gave me very useful and innovative tools to carry on my everyday duties more efficiently. Learning from case studies and the challenges other regulators face was immensely valuable.”

Securities regulation program participant, Swaziland

Action Oriented

We give our participants and partner agencies the tools they need to implement change. Through various methods, including Toronto Centre’s action planning methodology, we build the capacity of supervisors to strengthen their regulatory frameworks and help them set out plans for achieving their objectives.

Our action planning methodology is a particularly powerful tool: through it, participants identify, assess, and develop a solution to a specific challenge they face at their home agency. Throughout our programs, participants benefit from input and guidance on their action plans from both their peers and Toronto Centre program leaders.

“The action plan is the best tool I have ever learned.”

Securities regulation program participant, Mexico

Post-Program Support

Upon completion of a program, Toronto Centre follows up as needed with additional training and mentoring. All program participants are welcome to contact program leaders and directors to request additional support and information, and are encouraged to seek advice from their peers who may be facing similar challenges. In the case of our long-term country engagements, programs are delivered in intervals, allowing agencies to phase-in implementation of new concepts and discuss any problems or challenges as they arise.

“I attended Toronto Centre program when I was fairly new to regulation. The institution strengthened my knowledge of key aspects of regulation and boosted my confidence as a regulator by reinforcing areas that were familiar and suggesting new ways of dealing with problems. It also made me realize that regulators all over the world have common problems, and that networking is an important tool for facilitating the sharing of experiences, knowledge, and information across borders.”

Securities regulation program participant, South Africa