Our Impact

Establishing strong regulatory and supervisory frameworks is vital to maintaining stable economies and sustained growth – a fact highlighted by the 2008 global financial crisis. Stable economies and financial inclusion in turn lead to improved economic growth and poverty reduction. To this end, Toronto Centre has trained more than 13,000 regulators and supervisors from over 190 countries since launching our first program in 1998. We now train more than 2000 regulators and supervisors annually and we continue to expand our services.

To ensure that our programs make a tangible difference, participants work with Toronto Centre’s experts to address the real-life challenges faced by their organizations – challenges that they will be responsible for addressing. We continue to provide participants and agencies with support as they implement their plans by allowing them to tap into a global network of program leaders and fellow participants through the TC Resource Centre, an online platform where they can connect, share experiences, and access relevant, practical research. To keep an eye on results, we have developed a robust performance measurement framework and set of evaluation tools to ensure we are meeting our objectives.

In a recent survey of past participants in Toronto Centre programs, 92 per cent agreed that they were able to apply the knowledge and skills learned at their Toronto Centre programs when they returned to their respective agencies.

We have helped participants and agencies successfully implement change in their regulatory and supervisory systems. Here is what they have to say:

“The most interesting topic was the '4 box model.' For day-to-day work, it is required to balance between positive and negative effects. Using this method to evaluate each task is quick and efficient before making any decisions.”

Securities regulation program participants, Cambodia

“Through Toronto Centre’s program I learned about the importance of being prepared for financial crises. My agency is now preparing a plan for managing crises, which includes macroprudential surveillance, improved protocols, and a review of applicable banking legislation.”

Banking supervision program participant, Guatemala

“Toronto Centre helped me understand the importance of governance at the Board level. My supervisory agency is actively engaged in shifting a large part of our risk focus towards Board governance.”

Insurance and pensions supervision program participant, Canada

“The action plan is the best tool I have ever learned.”

Securities regulation program participant, Mexico

“In our supervisory agency, the team that attended Toronto Centre’s program is executing our action plan to change from compliance supervision to risk based supervision.”

Banking supervision program participant, El Salvador

“Toronto Centre helped us better communicate with other relevant institutions regarding the establishment of a commodity futures exchange market. They accepted our arguments and now we are in the process of drafting a legal framework for commodity futures trading.”

Capital markets surveillance program participant, Serbia

“As head of the Licensing and Inspections department, my participation in Toronto Centre’s program has allowed me to improve not only my skills, but also those of my department in dealing with cases of misconduct in the industry as well as dealing with failing entities.”

Insurance supervision program participant, Swaziland

“After attending Toronto Centre’s training program I was asked to review and recommend changes to our inspection manuals. The knowledge from Toronto Centre was very helpful for revising our old onsite and offsite inspection manuals.”

Insurance supervision program participant, Zambia

“The ‘problem institution’ module really helped me deal with two financial institutions that were having trouble. Although one has not overcome its problems yet, the other has come out perfectly with guidance from my supervision department.”

Banking supervision program participant, Malawi

“We would like to express our deepest appreciation to Toronto Centre for collaborating with The SEACEN Centre in delivering exceptional and high quality learning programs over the years. Toronto Centre brings with it a wealth of central banking knowledge especially in the area of leadership and this, coupled with SEACEN’s regional experience, have greatly benefitted our participants who come from diverse economic backgrounds.”

Program partner, the South East Asian Central Banks (SEACEN) Research and Training Centre

“Toronto Centre gave me very useful and innovative tools to carry on my everyday duties more efficiently. Learning from case studies and the challenges other regulators face was immensely valuable.”

Securities regulation program participant, Panama

“The way Toronto Centre conducts seminars is a very interactive one. This enables participants to improve themselves and actively contribute to their work when they go back home.”

Securities regulation program participant, Mexico

“Toronto Centre helped us be more prepared for crises and improved our ability to identify and fix problems before they become big issues.”

Insurance supervision program participant, South Africa

“Toronto Centre program enabled me to develop a new way of seeing and dealing with problems. During the course, I also learned about experiences in other countries that will be helpful for my country in the future.”

Banking supervision program participant, Cambodia

“I attended a Toronto Centre program when I was fairly new to regulation. The institution strengthened my knowledge of key aspects of regulation and boosted my confidence as a regulator by reinforcing areas that were familiar and suggesting new ways of dealing with problems. It also made me realize that regulators all over the world have common problems, and that networking is an important tool for facilitating the sharing of experiences, knowledge and information across borders.”

Securities regulation program participant, South Africa

“Toronto Centre helped me to develop an impactful presentation that convinced my agency’s management to implement changes to the way we supervise complex institutions that are part of a large financial group.”

Banking supervision participant, Malaysia

“Participants in [the Microfinance Supervisor Training Program] highlighted both the importance and relevance of this program for supervisors of deposit-taking microfinance, enhancing their capacity to drive changes that will make their financial sector sounder, more efficient, and more inclusive. This confirms the wisdom of our choice to partner with such a widely recognized and reputable training institution as Toronto Centre.”

Program partner, Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP)